I miss him… I love him…I still want him back!

Right he doesn’t want me right now…i get that!! I’m not vaguely worried about the girl he is with but i miss him!

He’s acting like a knob, i know that but i still miss him! I miss contact, i miss his hugs! My kids miss him!!

I can go on dates but i don’t want too, i want my husband back!!!

I’m backing off, he has a new chick, i have no choice but i ache for him! He was the person who told me everything would be alright! He was my rock! I can move on but i don’t want too!!

Urgggggggg i’m being a nutter again, i know that but, writing on here helps!! To the outside world i’m fine with this! I’m coping! But in my heart i’m not! I love you M!!!

I won’t contact him, i don’t want to row and currently he seems to hate me!!! I want my family back xxx


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